"Responsibility and commitment to the sustainability of the business."

Tobacos Marasca, a family business, founded in 1996 by the couple and then partners Moacir and Vania Marasca, in the city of Cerro Grande do Sul, in the southern region of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, one of the main tobacco producing regions.

Expanding its activities and market, Tabacos Marasca, in 2003, acquired an area of ​​22 hectares next to the access junction of the city of Venâncio Aires, in the central region of the State, investing in the construction of an industrial pavilion of approximately 17,000m² with the desire to establish its headquarters in one of the main tobacco processing centers in the world.

Over the years, several expansion and improvement investments have been made, since the expansion and installation of the plant in tobacco processing in 2007 until the latest investment in 2020 with an entirely new structure for the storage of processed tobacco. All these investments resulted in an industrial park of approximately 45,000m². This entire plant includes tobacco industrialization activities, the purchase and sale of raw and industrialized tobacco of the Virgínia and Burley varieties, based on the integrated production system with tobacco producers in the region.

The market The foreign sector absorbs a large part of the production of Tabacos Marasca, making it possible to export to several continents. Operating in the global market requires constant observation of product quality standards, which gave rise to the Mission of Tabacos Marasca – “To satisfy customers with products and services in the tobacco market, striving for quality, credibility and competitive costs, aiming at perpetuation of the company.

Its Board of Directors is made up of:

President – Moacir Marasca: Graduated in Agricultural Technician and previous experience at RJ Reynolds, having more than 35 years in the tobacco market.

Vice President/Director of Operations – Maciel Marasca: Degree in Agricultural Technician and Administration, with experience in the area of production, purchasing and blending. At Tabacos Marasca, he worked for four years as Commercial Director and five years as Administrative/Financial Director.

Administrative/Financial Director – Inácio Leismann: Graduated in Administration and Cost Management, he started his journey at Tabacos Marasca in 2004, having worked in several sectors, such as tobacco classification, costs and planning.

Commercial Director – Gary Russel: At Tabacos Marasca since 2011, with extensive knowledge in the tobacco market, having worked in the sector since 1984 with previous experiences Intabex Group, Tribac and JTI.


48th Export Award in 2020 – RS EXPORT AWARD in the Smoking Sector Highlight category


Tabacos Marasca Ltda is constantly committed to a policy of social responsibility towards its customers, employees, suppliers, partners and communities in which the company operates.

Therefore, it undertakes to:

Implement, support and maintain health, environmental and occupational safety policies, fire prevention programs, first aid and medical examinations.
Ensure that good agricultural practices are maintained by integrated producers, promoting the fullness and sustainability of the environment, such as: conservation of natural resources with special attention to soil and water protection, supply of good quality seeds, training aimed at agriculture, biodiversity reforestation programs.
Offer equal employment opportunities, without discrimination of age, race, sex, creed or religion.
Provide the necessary and adequate resources, as well as qualified employees in order to ensure the proper functioning of the company and the efficiency of services.
Encourage and support social welfare and community development.
Do not employ child labor and do not engage in or support any type of forced labor. Ensure that all employees are aware of and committed to all policies, which will be frequently monitored and reviewed for continuous improvement.

In 2021, completing and celebrating its 25th anniversary, the company projects and organizes a gradual and sustainable growth for the coming years. A careful look at market developments, care for the environment, involvement with the community and valuing people form the engine that drives the work and dedication of this family business for years to come.