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Laughter’s Cipeiros – Yellow September

Yellow September, month to raise awareness about the importance of talking about suicide prevention. With this in mind, the CIPA 2022/2023 management of Tabacos Marasca organized a fun and interactive action this morning, September 22nd, for all the company's employees.
Characterized as the “LAUGHTERS'S CIPEIROS”, the members visited the company's sectors, interacting with employees through music, games, group dynamics and distribution of treats, with the aim of bringing joy, relaxation and thus reminding that people can count on each other within the company.
This was the first time that the action was developed within Tabacos Marasca, but with the objective achieved and the good receptivity of employees, CIPA management has already been thinking and developing new projects, thus keeping the “LAUGHTERS'S CIPEIROS” group active to future actions.

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