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Cipeiros do Riso


During the week of October 23 to 26, 2023, on the premises of Tabacos Marasca, the company's XV Internal Work Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT) took place, bringing employees very diverse attractions full of information on safety, health and well-being.
The opening of the 15th SIPAT, on October 23rd, took place with a speech by the company president Mr. Moacir Marasca, as well as the entire board, followed by a presentation by the APAE band from Venâncio Aires and followed by the UEBA Group from Caxias do Sul, presented a show about workplace safety. To end the morning, CIPA management paid tribute to the company, as it celebrated its 27th anniversary, which was taking place that day, followed by a special lunch for all employees.
On October 24th, the program was virtual, bringing a lot of related material about health, sustainability, safety and first aid.
On Wednesday, the 25th, early in the morning, members of CIPA management carried out a traffic stop within the company's premises, with guidance on safe traffic. And later, in person, there was a lecture with Psychologist Carina Bublitz about inclusion and the current job market. On this same occasion, we had a visit from the board of directors of the Venâncio Aires Women's League to Combat Cancer to present the entity's activities and receive the donation of geriatric diapers collected by the company.
On October 26th, the closing took place with a performance by the band of the 7th BIB of Santa Cruz do Sul, performing other songs in addition to the National Anthem.

And to conclude a week full of activities, the Cipeiros do Riso group from Tabacos Marasca carried out activities and games with employees, ending with lots of fun and awareness.

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