Cipeiros do Riso

XV SIPAT TOBACOS MARASCA During the week of October 23 to 26, 2023, on the premises of Tabacos Marasca, the company’s XV Internal Work Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT) took place, bringing employees very diverse attractions full of information on safety, health and well-being. The opening of the 15th SIPAT, on October 23rd, took place with […]

Laughter’s Cipeiros – Yellow September

Yellow September, month to raise awareness about the importance of talking about suicide prevention. With this in mind, the CIPA 2022/2023 management of Tabacos Marasca organized a fun and interactive action this morning, September 22nd, for all the company’s employees. Characterized as the “LAUGHTERS’S CIPEIROS”, the members visited the company’s sectors, interacting with employees through […]

Tabacos Marasca in the 13th Awareness Cycle

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, June 20th, the Tabacos Marasca field team is participating in the 13th Awareness Cycle on Producer Health and Safety and Child and Adolescent Protection, promoted by SidiTabaco and associated companies, in partnership with the Association of Tobacco Growers of Brazil (AFUBRA), in Passa Sete – RS. The event aims […]

CIPA Campaign – Cervical Cancer Prevention

This morning, June 16, Tabacos Marasca received a team from the Health Department of the municipality of Venâncio Aires, to carry out Preventive Cervical Exams (Papanicolaou). On the occasion, appointments were also scheduled for people who needed some follow-up. The campaign organized by the CIPA Management of Tabacos Marasca was well supported by female employees […]